How to be firmly ‘planted’ in the months ahead

If you’re lucky to be working from home, this winter is already looking a lot different than it did earlier this year. Time changes, darkness and cold weather in many parts, or just general continued lockdowns and home life are still merging with work life going into holiday seasons. What hasn’t changed is the incessant snacking in my sweatpants in between zoom meetings (hey we’re all doing our best here).

We compiled a collection of some links we’ve shared with one another recently and have found relevant for the months ahead.

Helpful Reads

  • Some call it self care, I’m just going to start calling it “Emotional doomsday prepping.”
  • “There’s a good lesson there for the rest of us: Make your home as appealing as you can. To the extent possible, now is a good time to get your home ready for the winter." Great tips from people who know a thing or two about darkness and cold. Unfortunately we don’t have any cute penguins nearby.
  • It’s been many months since most made the wfh pivot, so during this season maybe it’s time to re asses your set up or routine. We especially like tips #6–10 here.

Some ways to get started

Whether you’re interested in panic-buying a plant from Tik Tok or just need some tips to meditate, here are some starting points.

Bonus! Lisa & Michelle’s Youtube-Holes

When we’re tired of watching Zoom meetings we like to watch drag queens baking instead, or Korean florists carefully folding paper. These clips make us laugh or simply calm us.

Img by Samule Sun



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